Welcome to MedLeg Connect

Medlegconnect is a platform birthed from Medical Innovative Interventions (Medinnovint), aimed at ensuring no one suffers in silence from physical and/or sexual violence. Be it past or ongoing, violence has consequences which if not properly dealt with, could be more permanent or detrimental.
Together we are building and connecting a team to provide adequate health (physical, mental and social) and legal services after physical and/or sexual violence.
Stay with us till it is fully realised.

Together, we listen to you Tell the hurt, get Assistance, Connect for effective care And STOP the violence whil le preserving privacy and confidentiality.  Together, we desire to TAC and STOP the violence. 

For donation/support, https://sandbox-flw-web-v3.herokuapp.com/donate/le7zu8e8wxxn 

This could be helpful to a friend, or someone you meet in life, follow us on social media, and save the links.Thanks for supporting our vision and helping several people out there.